About us

rockThe Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly of Bocsa was founded on June 21st, 2009, being organized on the authority of Grace Bible Baptist Church from Denham Springs, Louisiana, which voted to dismiss us, some of their members, with the purpose of being organized into a sister church, of the same faith and practice. The Grace Bible Baptist Church authorized Brother Curtis Pugh to represent her in our dismissal, organization and ordination of the pastor we would have chosen.

We chose the name “assembly” instead of “church” because it represents better the original New Testament meaning of the Greek word “ekklesia.” The name “Sovereign Grace” indicates our purpose, that is, proclaiming the Gospel of the grace of God, by which He chose us, saved us, by which He will also keep us in the faith and glorify us.

Our church is independent, we are not affiliated to any supra- and para-church organization (such as associations, unions, conventions of churches, missionary boards or societies, etc.), because we cannot find either example or precept in the Holy Scriptures that would allow our adherence to such an organization.

Our assembly is Baptist, but because of the many deviations of the majority of Baptists from the historic Baptist faith and from the Holy Scriptures, we chose to call ourselves “Historic Baptists,” to emphasize that we identify ourselves with the faith and practice of the Baptists down through history, and not with the direction adopted by modern Baptists (ecumenism, liberalism, humanism).



Our history – Short History of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly of Bocșa



In 1999, Brother Curtis Pugh, a missionary sent by Berea Baptist Church from Mantachie, Mississippi, moved to Romania.

The first meeting of a Bible study group took place in 2002. The first baptism took place in July, 2002, when Brother Raul Enyedi was scripturally baptized.

More people attended the weekly meetings for study and fellowship. In August, 2003, Brother Aurel Miclea jr. and his sister, Eunice were baptized.

In September 2003, regular meetings were started in Filiasi, Dolj county, where several persons expressed their desire to meet together for fellowship and teaching. The Fundeanu family offered to host these meetings in spite of the great sacrifices they had to do.

In May 2004 we moved our membership to Grace Bible Baptist Church from Denham Springs, Louisiana, whose pastor is Brother Jerry Dodson Sr.

In 28 July, 2005 another baptism took place in Filiasi. Brothers Nicu and Virgil Fundeanu and Aurel Munteanu were scripturally baptized and entered into the membership of Grace Bible Baptist Church from Denham Springs.

The meetings continued both in Bocsa and Filiasi, in each place trying to share with as many people as we could the great truths of the grace of God.

In the summer of 2006 we received the visit of Cletus and Mary Ann Snyder, from Winston Salem, North Carolina and after that of Brother Jerry Dodson, our pastor. We spent an encouraging and blessed time together.

In May 2007 we rejoiced in the visit of Brother Wayne Crow and his wife, from Tampa, Florida. Brother Crow is with the Lord now. He used to pastor Central Avenue Baptist Church from Tampa.

In January 2008 the first conference was organized. It was attended by guests from 9 different places, all over the country.

In June 2008 we started the mission work in Rosiori de Vede, following the invitation of the Vladu family

In January 2009, the second conference was organized in Bocsa, having two subjects: The Free Will in Light of the Sovereign Grace and Evangelization in Light of the Sovereign Grace.

On the 21st of June, 2009, the church in Denham Springs decided, upon our request, the dismissal of its members from Romania with the purpose of being organized in a distinct sister church. The church’s name is The Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly.

Organization Church-group in Filiaşi -21 Jun.2009

On the same day, the church elected by vote Brother Raul Enyedi to serve as their pastor. Asked by the church, Brother Curtis Pugh assisted in Brother Raul’s ordination.

On July 4th, the Assembly had its first baptism. Brother George and Sister Lili Vladu, from Rosiori, and Sister Ruth McLellan from Glasgow, Scotland joined the church. After the baptism service that took place on the shores of Timis river, the church celebrated its first Lord’s Supper in Bocsa.

Regular meetings continued in Bocsa and Filiasi and were started in Rosiori.

In January 2010, the church organized the third conference, having the themes: Spiritual Inability: Partial or Total and The Church: Universal or Local. Guests attended from 12 different places, all over Romania.

In August, 2010, the church had another baptism service. Brother Zaharia Fisteag, from Globu Craiovei and Sister Miriam Miclea from Bocsa were the newest members of the church.

On October 5th, 2010, with great sadness, we had to see Brother Curtis and Sister Janet Pugh going back to the States, because of their health problems. But the entire assembly was determinate to continue the good fight and stand for the truth he taught us.

In February 2011, the church organized its fourth conference, on the theme: The Church built by Christ. Guests attended from 11 places, all over the country.